Fish With Me

Summer Steelhead Special
This summer I am offering a great introductory exness thailand price on walk in summer steelhead trips on the very limited dates listed below. These dates offer some of the finest summer steelheading of the season and are only available to registered members of our forum. Follow this link to visit our forum and register: Steelhead Notebook Forum

This special online auction pricing starting at $75.00 is for a single angler only, if you want to bring along a partner we will have to negotiate(and lunch may have to be on you).

My Philosophy
I have always thought that steelhead fishing should be fun, and that is what I try to accomplish with each trip. I am now offering a limited number of guided steelhead fishing trips for both summer and winter steelhead. I am offering either walk in trips or float trips in a 16' drift boat. These exness th trips are designed to help a novice steelhead angler hook more fish. But even an experienced angler that is not satisfied with their steelheading success can benefit from these trips. The emphasis will be on identifying steelhead holding water, and how to properly present your offering to the fish. Float and jig fishing will be the primary technique used on these trips, with the focus on proper approach and positioning.

What to Bring
To fish for steelhead in Washington State you will need a current freshwater fishing license and a steelhead catch record card. Each angler will need to provide their own waders(required for walk in trips, optional for drift boat trips) and rain gear if the weather requires it. Breathable waders are much more comfortable than neoprene in the summer months, and many anglers prefer to wet wade wearing only shorts when the weather permits, this will be your choice. Either way, felt soles are a big advantage for non-slip wading and a wading staff can be helpful while crossing the tailouts. Don't forget your sunglasses, they are a must, and polarized glasses will help you spot fish in the summer. I will have sunscreen for those that need it. It is preferrable that each angler bring a rod/reel combination that they are comfortable casting, but I will provide them if needed. If you are going to use your own rod/ reel, have it spooled with high quality 8 - 10 pound test mono or 20# braided line for summer steelheading, 12# - 15# mono or braided line of 20# - 30# test for winter steelheading. I will provide all of the terminal tackle(floats, jigs, spinners, spoons, plugs, etc.) and bait if needed. Plan on a full day on the river(at least eight hours), so bring a sack lunch, snacks and plenty of liquids. I always carry a digital camera with me to record your trip and can provide photos for you at no additional charge.

When to go
Summer steelhead are available from June 1st through October 31st. Winter steelhead are available from late November through April. Prime dates on the streams I prefer to fish are from mid June through mid July and then again from September to mid October for summer steelhead. For hatchery winter runs, mid November through the end of January are the best dates. For the best shot at a true trophy native winter steelhead, mid February through March 31st are the prime dates. These trips are always catch and release for wild steelhead, with a retention of 2 hatchery steelhead allowed on most rivers.

Where will we Fish?
All trips will be in western Washington State. Depending on the date you choose, we may be fishing in S.W. Washington or out on the Olympic Penninsula. This will be decided at the time of booking, but may change depending on how the fishing is on the chosen river. Depending on your location, transportation from the Tacoma/Olympia or another pre-arranged meeting place may also be available.

What are my rates?
Due to the dramatic increase in fuel costs this year I have been forced to raise my rates for 2007 to help cover this added expense. Rates this season are $135.00 per angler for walk in trips. Drift boat trips are $250.00 for a single angler, $350.00 for two anglers. For the best angling experience, each trip should be limited to a maximum of two anglers. I require a 50% deposit at the time the trip is booked with the remainder due on the day of the trip. Tips are never required, but will gladly be accepted if you are so inclined.

How do I book a trip?
To book a trip with me, simply e-mail me with your choice of dates and a contact phone number where you can be reached during the day. I will contact you to confirm the date chosen, or if your dates are already filled, to try and reschedule the trip. Once a date is agreed upon, a 50% deposit will need to be received within 7 days to secure that date. You will be notified via e-mail when your deposit has been received. If your deposit is not received within 7 days of booking, your selected date may be given to someone else without further notice.

What if I have to cancel my trip?
All booked trips are fully refundable if cancelled at least 30 days prior to the scheduled date. If your trip is cancelled within 30 days of the schedule date, you will only be refunded 50% of you deposit.